About Jersey City SEO Lab

Jersey City SEO Lab is a subsidiary of Our multi-channel marketing solution transforms strangers into passionate customers. Our specialty is catering to local businesses that want to achieve scalable sales with diverse audiences.

Our Purpose

AGD's purpose is to help entrepreneurs use their online businesses as a vehicle for building generational wealth and to beleading contributors in their communities.

Our Vision

We aspire to help underrepresented business owners generate $100 million in profit within their local communities.

Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring underrepresented business owners build successful enterprises that have a long-lasting impact on their families, the people they employ, the people they serve and their community. We do this by creating profitable digital marketing channels that accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Our Values


We are committed to being an extension of your marketing team. Our partnership with you, the business owner, helps us to better align our ads with your business offerings and customers.

Data Driven

We’re committed to getting world-class results leveraging data gained from our adcampaigns.


We believe in transparency, honesty and telling the truth at all times.


We believe that ongoing and steady communication is important for our clients to be in tune and aligned with our marketing strategy.

Customer Experience

We believe WOW customer service and experiences not only keep our clients coming back for more but will also make them want to referbusiness to us.


We believe in generating profitable returns on your marketing budget to help our clients’ businesses sustainably and efficiently grow.


We believe that ad campaigns should be designed to connect with the customer in a native way where ads they see are the right message, at the right time and for the right person.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to staying on the cuttingedge of SEO so that we can continue to deliver world-class results.

Meet Our Team Leader

Obi Okere

Marketing Director